Tbilisi Sculpture Guide - Niki Getsadze
Tbilisi Sculpture Guide

Tbilisi Sculpture Guide offers an edited list of public art with pictures, vital information and location on the map. The author, Tea Gogoladze – Wolf, approached me with a great idea which also happened to be her passion. For me, it was very interesting and intriguing project to work on. 

From the very outset, Tea set a very high standard for the output. In the light of this, we joined forces and worked hard together to make it creative as well as useful and workable in real hands and easy to use. 

It was a 12-side book folded together – 1 side list of monuments ordered by numbers .The other side lists map of Tbilisi (portion of central Tbilisi) which is irrelevant in this subject. Map shows pins along with numbers such that tourists or viewers can easily follow a route by the aid of this book and get the necessary information about the sculpture.

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