Graphic design - Niki Getsadze
Healthycore re-branding
American Hospital Tbilisi
Paramon group (Brand Identity)
Didube Garden (logo)
Digital Pathology Lab
Various logo collection
Progress Project (Architectural Engineering)
Tbilisi Sculpture Guide
As a matter of fact, I had many successful and landmark projects in my portfolio. They all speak well of what I firmly stand for: quality, uniqueness, timelessness, excellence and beauty.
Logo design for the “First Mediation Centre” in Georgia
DMARK Brochure
National stadium – Dinamo Arena branding
My graphic design work includes various components of corporate identities like logos, marks, posters, publications and the like.
Well brochure
Collection of posters done during the studies
Creative Education Studio
My designs are quite strict based on the abstract geometric grids and structures. Sometimes, they can be spontaneous given the nature of the research.
Funicular (branding)
Binekhi Brochure
Various Logos
Video Scope
Is your company looking for a distinctive visual identity and timeless website? My areas of competence also includes the creation of a distinctive visual identity and timeless website.
Office Of The State Minister of Georgia
Just like what Brian said, "Everything is designed but few things are well designed. The golden decision to work with me is the decision to bless your company with timelessness, uniqueness, modernism and simplicity. My works are simple yet very significant.
Colour Emotions (Research)
Capital Express
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